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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Creatures Dining Hall, Fitzroy

  I wish all school assemblies could be held in halls like Little Creatures Dining Hall (222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) because then you would actually pay attention to the kid from the grade below who came 3rd in the local music eisteddfod or realise how big of a nose your school principal actually has. Anyhow, Brunswick Street really is full of culinary wonders and with a place like this on the strip, the others have a lot to live up to! 

Tasting Stand

Pipsqueak Apple Cider/White Rabbit White Ale

 After a pit stop at the tasting stand, we sat down in a chilled booth seat and got ourselves a couple of beverages on tap. Patty enjoyed her Pipsqueak apple cider and I went for the White Rabbit White Ale.

Fresh Cut Chips
with Garlic Aioli

 It's always going to be a monumental day when you have a bowl of chips with some garlic aioli. Enough said.

Spiced Red Lentil Dahl
with Yoghurt & Grilled Flatbread

 Patty went for this bumpy, lentil filled, vegetarian's paradise in a ceramic bowl. It was accompanied by a deliciously soft grilled flatbread which was stupidly tasty. The lentil dahl inside was heavenly and honestly it was good enough to turn anyone vegetarian ... for a day. No longer than that. Let's not kid ourselves. Sorry to any vegetarians out there. I definitely recommend getting a hold onto this dish if you're around the area and a beer really goes hand in hand with all the strong flavours.

Homemade Pie
Chicken & Leek

 This pie was a deceptive dish on the menu ... not in a good way. Like the mischievous child that always used to tease and bully you, this pie stole $22 from me =(. The fact that it tasted 'pretty good' was of little consolation because even if the bully says sorry to you after a few years it'll never undo the damage that he/she caused you beforehand. What? That's deep bro, such a deep food → bullying metaphor. But honestly I don't see how they charge $22 for this, it's beyond me. Was expecting a large circumferential pot pie!

 Loved the set out inside and if you complain about not having enough space inside this 'hangar' of a hall then you're probably an oversized ... plane. Yeah a plane. But honestly, I'd highly recommend parking your plane here for a breezy and relaxed afternoon meal and just let the beer and great food fly you into the sunset.

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  1. This joint is bangin' ! So Melbourne to the very core. Lentil dish sounds boss.