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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Papi Chulo, Manly

 With Patty living a stone throws away from Manly (you'd have to have a pretty strong arm ... but still), it was time to visit the ever more popular Papi Chulo (22-23 Manly Wharf, Manly). Papi Chulo is Merivale owned and operated and honestly they own every restaurant and bar in town, not literally of course. Honestly though, I wouldn't be surprised if Merivale decided to buy the house which is for sale down the street. That's an entirely different topic, to the food we go!

 Papi Chulo is located on the ferry terminal side of Manly and although the view isn't as nice as facing the beach front, the interior of the dining area alone will keep your eyes occupied so don't worry! Patty and I were seated along the front window sill on swing out chairs and I was surprised it could manage my weight to be honest.

Papi's Iced Tea
Havana Club & Angostura Rum
with Early Grey & Peppermint Teas,
Cointreau & Lemon Juice

 To kick things off, Patty ordered the Papi's Iced Tea which was essentially a tropical island in your mouth. Fruity and tutti, but had a good slug of warm hearted rum to mellow things out.

James Squire - Hop Thief

  This American style pale ale was my drink of choice and it was perfect for such an occasion. As a pale ale it uncharacteristically has an amber malt base which gives the beer its dark colour, but the real winner for this beer is the intense hoppy finish. So good that I'd consider drowning myself in it. Kids, don't do that at home, or if you're desperate at least wear floaties.

Thought this was quite an art-y shot

Prawn & Scallop Ceviche
Crystal Bay Prawns, Sea Scallops, Mango
Chilli & Coconut Dressing

 This ceviche was the perfect way to begin the meal, what better way than some fresh seafood with a zesty, whacky and sweet dressing. The prawns and scallops were juicy like rain; can't get more moist than water itself. With the seafood being soaked in some wonderful broth, I'd most certainly sacrifice my life as a prawn if I were to become this dish.

Smoked Wagyu Brisket Sandwich
Spicy Celery Pickle, Caramelised Onions
Horseradish Mayo, Fried Egg on a Soft Bun

 Burger burger on the wall, you are the tastiest of them all. Not a burger I'd normally order because I can never turn down a juicy, mouthwatering, tongue tingling, sock throwing, child bullying beef patty, but this awesome burger has changed my life forever; no seriously it has. This smoked wagyu sandwich is no ordinary sandwich, it's suave and poised, characters that lead me on (is this a sandwich or burger). After being led on by the 'bur-wich' I dug in and boy did I dig deep, deeper than Dugtrio would from Pokemon. The wagyu brisket is flavourful, moist and falls to bits when you bite in. The fried egg and generous amounts of caramelised onions really top this burger off. It also comes with a gigantic pickle on the side so you can hit the burger with it, well at least that's what I thought it was for.

Cross Sexional Porn 

 Everyone's obsessed with saying 'egg porn' or whatever so I thought I'd make up a new craze. Introducing the 'Cross Sexion Porn' - A mesmerizing cross section that is sexy enough to draw your attention away from the person next to you.

Balmain Bugs
with Konbu Butter
Cross Sexional Porn

 These cross sexional beauties are woodfire grilled and doused with konbu butter which coats the meat and drips off into the carcass. These balmain bugs were full of flesh which was sweet and it has a beautiful half crunch texture of prawns. Wish these bugs could replace the ones we have crawling around at home. Free dinner for everyone.

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs
with Papi's BBQ Sauce

More Crossexional Porn

 When life isn't treating you well ... have some ribs because it'll put the 'bones' back into your body...? WOW. Stop it. That was pretty good though. Papi Chulo has made a name for itself with their slow smoked BBQing with the pork ribs being the signature dish. Lathered on like lacquer on wood this deck of ribs (see what I did there? because you lacquer wood, and wood is used for decks? Nicenice.) is covered in Papi's speciality BBQ sauce and slow cooked to meat sliding perfection. Like a teflon coated pan the meat came off the bone with ease and straight into my mouth. Succulent, juicy and flavoursome, what more can you ask for!? We declined bibs because we wear rib sauce on our shirts with pride ... and also because I was going to wash my shirt later that day anyways.

Little Creatures - Bright Ale

 One for the road. Liquid gold.


 These toilets are quite remarkable and honestly my car could fit into this space. The exposed brick look is great to stare at when you're getting the business done. There are individual cubicles, each with their own sink to wash your hands and they have awesome push out doors with frosted glass. In case you forget to wash your hands inside your own cubicle there are extra sinks outside!

Tap Beer! - Let's Get sloshed

 Thought the photo above was pretty funny, saw it on our walk through manly after lunch. I've never had a haircut and a beer at the same time but I am keenly anticipating the experience! Papi Chulo exceeded my expectations and the interior design is something that really makes this place shine brighter than a diamond. The food is fast, fresh and simple so Donna Hay you should probably check this out. But no, seriously some quality food and this place will only get better. 

 On another note I think J-Lo is an admirer of Papi Chulo's with her new hit ... just saying. I'm so lame =(

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  1. the brisket at papi chulo is fan freaking amazing!

  2. wow....that wagyu sandwich looks amazing, definitely some R rated 'cross sexional porn' going on there! I'm definitely going to check this place out some time :)

  3. so much food that i wanna try here. should head to this restaurant next time i'm in manly

  4. Like the decor and prawn & scallop ceviche looks good :D