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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Little Creatures Dining Hall, Fitzroy

  I wish all school assemblies could be held in halls like Little Creatures Dining Hall (222 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) because then you would actually pay attention to the kid from the grade below who came 3rd in the local music eisteddfod or realise how big of a nose your school principal actually has. Anyhow, Brunswick Street really is full of culinary wonders and with a place like this on the strip, the others have a lot to live up to! 

Tasting Stand

Pipsqueak Apple Cider/White Rabbit White Ale

 After a pit stop at the tasting stand, we sat down in a chilled booth seat and got ourselves a couple of beverages on tap. Patty enjoyed her Pipsqueak apple cider and I went for the White Rabbit White Ale.

Fresh Cut Chips
with Garlic Aioli

 It's always going to be a monumental day when you have a bowl of chips with some garlic aioli. Enough said.

Spiced Red Lentil Dahl
with Yoghurt & Grilled Flatbread

 Patty went for this bumpy, lentil filled, vegetarian's paradise in a ceramic bowl. It was accompanied by a deliciously soft grilled flatbread which was stupidly tasty. The lentil dahl inside was heavenly and honestly it was good enough to turn anyone vegetarian ... for a day. No longer than that. Let's not kid ourselves. Sorry to any vegetarians out there. I definitely recommend getting a hold onto this dish if you're around the area and a beer really goes hand in hand with all the strong flavours.

Homemade Pie
Chicken & Leek

 This pie was a deceptive dish on the menu ... not in a good way. Like the mischievous child that always used to tease and bully you, this pie stole $22 from me =(. The fact that it tasted 'pretty good' was of little consolation because even if the bully says sorry to you after a few years it'll never undo the damage that he/she caused you beforehand. What? That's deep bro, such a deep food → bullying metaphor. But honestly I don't see how they charge $22 for this, it's beyond me. Was expecting a large circumferential pot pie!

 Loved the set out inside and if you complain about not having enough space inside this 'hangar' of a hall then you're probably an oversized ... plane. Yeah a plane. But honestly, I'd highly recommend parking your plane here for a breezy and relaxed afternoon meal and just let the beer and great food fly you into the sunset.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mad Fo' Chicks, Eastwood

 On a dreary, waterlogged Sydney afternoon, we were keen for the lowly anticipated opening launch of Mad Fo' Chicks (18 Railway Parade, Eastwood). I would really love to meet the person who came up with the name for the latest fried chicken hotspot in Eastwood, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Anyhow, this new chicken joint is located on the Korean side of Eastwood and right next to the station so it'll be perfect for a quick grab and go.

 It's an awesome little place inside and they take pride in their little chicken mascot who seems to have a lot of attitude. He looks pretty seedy/gangster for a chicken to be honest; that greasy hairdo, bandaid on the forehead from too much cockfighting, his wattle seems to just stare at you and most of all ... those eyes. Stop checking my girlfriend out or I'll bash eat you.

Mad Crispy Chicken (Large, Original)
Boneless Chicken Fillets with a Crispy Coat

 First of all Mr Chicken, I know you're mad for chicks but this is what happens when you talk to my girlfriend, you get fried, battered and eaten. Settle down Bernard, it's just a chicken. Patty wanted the mild version which is tossed around in sauce and then served but I freaked out a little and just played it safe. The crispy outer coat is well seasoned and the chicken inside is quite moist. I'll definitely be getting the mild one next time and see how Mr Chicken tastes with sauce. 

Tornado Potato (30cm)
with BBQ Seasoning

Potato Moustache

 For some extra carb loading we also went for the tornado potato. Like the 'potatoes on a stick' that you get at the markets, this had some extra BBQ seasoning which made it that much more tempting. It was crunchy, fun and although it's literally just a potato, it tastes so much better spiraled and skewered onto a stick!

Blue Lemon Ade

 What a sight. My fish would enjoy swimming in here ... if I had any. Hey Chris can I borrow your fish for an experiment? Looks like a sample from the sea with a slice of the sun taking a day off and chilling in the water for a swim. It only needs some mint to make up the seaweed, how abstract. Tasted like lemonade and made my insides blue, what's not to like!

Check those shoes out

 Patty spotted a guy wearing these really really really lame shoes whilst he was lining up for some chicken, pretty sure they're leopard print shoes with a tail on the back; so man-ly. HAHAHAHA I HAVE A JOKE! ... maybe he was lining up to feed his shoes! yeah yeah? Alright, not bad, do leopards eat chicken though?

Got my eye on you
Watch yourself, don't get too close

 I really need to settle down. Anyhow, Mad Fo' Chicks definitely has potential to become a very popular place for a quick snack if they keep delivering some quality fried chicken. We really enjoyed the visit and we'll be back to try the rest of the menu, that's for sure!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rice Paper Scissors, Melbourne CBD

 Melbourne's iconic laneways of food and festivities really don't disappoint when they keep serving up places such as Rice Paper Scissors (19 Liverpool Street, Melbourne CBD). Around the corner from our hotel and on the outskirts of Melbourne's mediocre Chinatown, is this little tapas style eatery. Rice Paper Scissors is not a place to roll sushi or play a variation on rock, paper, scissors (haha Bernard, you still got it; don't know if rice beats scissors though), instead it specialises in South East Asian cuisine, most notably Vietnamese and Thai hawker food. 

Awesome centerpiece
It deserves 2 photos

 This centrepiece seriously looks like a green version of an evil minion from Despicable Me 2. All that hair. Patty really wanted to steal one and take it home but I doubt Rice Paper Scissors would see the hairy side of things.

Beer Nuts (Thaw Lsing)
with Kaffir Lime & Chilli Flakes

 We were given a complimentary sake cup full of some 'boxing' nuts that really packed a punch (see what I did there? Nice). These little things grew increasingly addictive, a little bit like heroin. No doubt I was chasing dragons afterwards.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

 Regrettably our only drink of the meal as they have a large selection of wines, cocktails, beers and even some intriguing slushies! It's so hard to go past a well made, traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Probably a little bit too much condensed milk for my liking but it came with an awesome mixer stick so all was saved.

 In true tapas style, they've designed their menu all for sharing and have a 'get hammered plattered for 2' option that we gladly elected for. You get to choose any 5 sharing dishes from their menu for the cut price of $45. I'll have to buy another wallet if I get to save this much every time I go out to eat!

BBQ Lamb Ribs (Sii Krong Nuex)
Mekong Whiskey Marinated Lamb Ribs
in a Stick Special Sauce

 I can safely say that this dish did my head in for the entire trip. It was so mesmerizing, so tantalizing and just marvellous. These gooey, ooey, sticky ribs literally kept me awake at night because I was trying to organise another visit into our busy one week schedule in my head, but alas ... it did not eventuate. The meat slid of the bone like it was tobogganing off ice and the succulent juices and flavours were almost too unbearably good. These ribs were overwhelmingly tasty and throughout the entire trip, this was probably my favourite and most memorable dish!

Thai Fried Chicken (Peek Gai Tod)
Marinated in Galangal, Chilli & Coriander Root

 Next to come was a pint sized serving of Thai fried chicken accompanied with some mayonnaisy dipping sauce. I just spilt water on myself rethinking the flavours that exploded from the crispy skin. Like actually ... hold on let me get a tissue. Anyhow, I don't think this is on the menu anymore which is a shame but the spices from the marinade worked so well together and the chicken was as moist as wet socks.

Crispy Coconut Wafer (Banh Xeo)
Filled with Pork, Prawn, Bean Shoots & Fresh Herbs

 A contemporary twist on a classic Vietnamese dish sees the formation of this sombrero looking saucer. Unlike the traditional one where the crispy pancake cradles the ingredients like a folded omelette, this open Banh Xeo has its guts spilled out and is ready for quick consumption. The pancake was light and crispy and the pork, prawn and bean shoot stir fry on top was tantalizingly good.

Betel Leaf (Miang Kham)
Topped with Roast Duck & Lychee Salad
with Sweet Lime Juice

 Mince wrapped in betel leaf are a match made in Vietnamese heaven and it's almost unbearable to eat such a delicate little cigar shaped roll. I'll be honest here ... I ate it with such enthusiasm and at such speed I didn't really pay attention to what was actually inside; it says it was topped with duck which I don't remember but the mince was either pork or prawn if that helps at all. All that matters is that it was delicious with a capital D and delightful ... also with a capital D.

Steamed Pork Buns (Banh Bao)
with Pork Belly, Cucumber, Shallots & Hoisin Sauce

  These buns are nearly as cute as Patty, what? Haha alright buddy. These buns were slightly toasted and jam packed (not with jam haha) full of veggies and a glistening slice of pork belly. It's hearty, juicy and everything that you would want from a pork bun. Would have been even better with a healthy smear of pate on the buns, just saying =).

 This hidden gem was my favourite place during out visit to Melbourne. It had me by the scruff of my neck and Rice Paper Scissors had me hooked like a dog on a leash (so many dog references). A great place for a relaxed meal and there's no better way to enjoy a feast when everything on the menu is recommended for sharing!

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