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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

 We take a breather from our Melbourne holiday and return to take a bite out of Sydney's burger scene. This takes us to Chur Burger (48 Albion Street, Surry Hills), a short walk from central station and a convenient place to visit after uni to fulfill the fat kid within all of us.  

 We've been here on a few occasions but unfortunately not always with our trusty camera so sorry for some of the shoddy photos!

Salted Caramel Milkshake

Chocolate & Strawberry Milkshakes

 These milkshakes aren't the cheapest things in the world but they do at least bring all the boys to the yard. They are made from heilala vanilla and really do leave a dreamy taste in your mouth. 

Enough condiments to make vegetables taste good
Sweet Potato Fries
with Garlic & Lime
Scallop & Mussel Fritters

 A couple of starters before you dig into that boulder of a looking burger. For the sweet potato fries, Patty and I were pretty disappointed because we thought there was garlic and lime dipping sauce. Unfortunately, the hand cut sweet potato was pretty soggy and it was only topped with garlic salt and a squidge of lime juice. Looks like orange firewood, thought I'd point that out =)

 The scallop and mussel fritters faired a little better but it was still nothing to call your mum about. A light batter with a healthy dosage of small scallops and mussels swimming in and about.

Spiced Chickpea Fritter Burger
with Grated Beetroot, Honey Labne
+ extra Beef Patty

 We'll start off with this tasty spiced chickpea fritter burger which is topped with grated beetroot and some oozy honey labne. For good measure, I also added an extra beef patty on it because as you'll see in the later photos, the filling is puny compared to the toasted bun. The fritter looks a little burnt but it was a pretty interesting burger, there was nothing really that made me pee my pants but the mild spice from the fritter and soothing honey labne worked really well together.

Grilled Beef Burger
with Cheese, Tomato Jam, Mustard Mayo & Pickles

with double meat
 The highly anticipated Chur grilled beef burger awaited my gaping jaws and I was ready to experience the utopic world this burger would lead me to. But like a blind date gone all wrong it failed to measure up to the expectations I had in my head. Every component of the burger was quite nice but no one had to help me find my jaw on the ground.The mustard mayo tasted very similar to big mac sauce and the patty was fairly juicy too. If anything, the bun was disproportional to the beef patty which was a massive let down. It's hard to explain the lack of jaw dropping experience and as Ravin points out 'Chur Burger conundrum: it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good'. (2014)

Pulled Pork Burger
with Chur BBQ Sauce, Red Slaw & Fennel Mayo

 Looks like a mighty pac man leaking ghost juices after a new high score but please guys ... no time for fun and games here (not bad Bernard, getting better). The glistening brioche bun houses a stringy compilation of BBQ pulled pork and slaw topped with fennel mayo. Again, it was a satisfying burger but it left me confused again. Seriously, eating burgers is harder than uni. I'm too confused to talk. 

when double meat hits you in the face

This is a cross section kids
Pulled Pork Blueprint

Macadamia Pie

 If Chur Burger has made you as confused as I currently am right now, then I think it has achieved its goal of delivering medium to top quality burgers. It is by no means a bad place to relieve yourself of that burger craving but just don't expect yourself walking out the door with a 180° grin on your face and a hand on your belly. Being voted 'best burger' by SMH is a massive achievement but I think everyone reading could think of at least one burger they enjoyed more than this one. I'm sorry =(

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