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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mad Fo' Chicks, Eastwood

 On a dreary, waterlogged Sydney afternoon, we were keen for the lowly anticipated opening launch of Mad Fo' Chicks (18 Railway Parade, Eastwood). I would really love to meet the person who came up with the name for the latest fried chicken hotspot in Eastwood, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now. Anyhow, this new chicken joint is located on the Korean side of Eastwood and right next to the station so it'll be perfect for a quick grab and go.

 It's an awesome little place inside and they take pride in their little chicken mascot who seems to have a lot of attitude. He looks pretty seedy/gangster for a chicken to be honest; that greasy hairdo, bandaid on the forehead from too much cockfighting, his wattle seems to just stare at you and most of all ... those eyes. Stop checking my girlfriend out or I'll bash eat you.

Mad Crispy Chicken (Large, Original)
Boneless Chicken Fillets with a Crispy Coat

 First of all Mr Chicken, I know you're mad for chicks but this is what happens when you talk to my girlfriend, you get fried, battered and eaten. Settle down Bernard, it's just a chicken. Patty wanted the mild version which is tossed around in sauce and then served but I freaked out a little and just played it safe. The crispy outer coat is well seasoned and the chicken inside is quite moist. I'll definitely be getting the mild one next time and see how Mr Chicken tastes with sauce. 

Tornado Potato (30cm)
with BBQ Seasoning

Potato Moustache

 For some extra carb loading we also went for the tornado potato. Like the 'potatoes on a stick' that you get at the markets, this had some extra BBQ seasoning which made it that much more tempting. It was crunchy, fun and although it's literally just a potato, it tastes so much better spiraled and skewered onto a stick!

Blue Lemon Ade

 What a sight. My fish would enjoy swimming in here ... if I had any. Hey Chris can I borrow your fish for an experiment? Looks like a sample from the sea with a slice of the sun taking a day off and chilling in the water for a swim. It only needs some mint to make up the seaweed, how abstract. Tasted like lemonade and made my insides blue, what's not to like!

Check those shoes out

 Patty spotted a guy wearing these really really really lame shoes whilst he was lining up for some chicken, pretty sure they're leopard print shoes with a tail on the back; so man-ly. HAHAHAHA I HAVE A JOKE! ... maybe he was lining up to feed his shoes! yeah yeah? Alright, not bad, do leopards eat chicken though?

Got my eye on you
Watch yourself, don't get too close

 I really need to settle down. Anyhow, Mad Fo' Chicks definitely has potential to become a very popular place for a quick snack if they keep delivering some quality fried chicken. We really enjoyed the visit and we'll be back to try the rest of the menu, that's for sure!

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  1. lol what a random mascot! i totes want to try the chicken with extra spicy sauce!

  2. what a cool little place.. whenever I go to Eastwood i tend not to cross over to that end,,, seems like im going to have to make it my duty to check this place out... huggee fried chicken fan here ! :)

  3. Solid fried chicken, served fresh with an embarrassing set of shoes. Nice nice nice.

  4. The chicken is great here!! And yes, you can borrow my fish... if I can borrow Charlie for a day XD

  5. Pretty sure I saw the same tail shoes when I went to Mad fo Chicks