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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Tuckshop, Glenhaven

 Like a school canteen at the beginning of lunch, hoards of students have lined themselves up for The Tuckshop (Shop 1, 78 Glenhaven Road, Glenhaven). A café with a distinct twist, The Tuckshop serves up some all day breakfast usuals as well as burgers, salads and fried chicken! Breakfast has just reached a new level.

 We started off with a couple of drinks:

Not So Smooth Green Smoothie
Kale, Spinach, Berries, Banana,
Mint & Coconut Water

 Undoubtedly the house favourite. Kale seems to be everyone's best friend at the moment and so for all the veggie munchers and green lovers out there, this one is for you.


 This was the piccolo made from single origin roasters' beans. It wasn't the strongest but the coffee was super smooth.

Vegetarian Friendly Burger
Braised Mushies, Green Oak, Provolone Cheese,
Aioli & Beetroot Relish

 Let's get to the real stuff shall we? This is Patty's veggie burger. Some braised mushrooms, lettuce, provolone, aioli and beetroot relish. The burger was flavoursome and the combination of ingredients worked well together though Patty felt that it needed a veggie 'patty' (hahahahahahaha, sorry) to make it even better. All burgers come with a side of chips which are seasoned with old bay spice!

The Lot
Beef Patty, Bacon, Egg, Cheese, Beetroot Relish
Tomato & Lettuce with Smokey House BBQ Sauce

 I actually had my heart set on the cheese burger but when I saw 'the lot', I panicked and went for it. The buns are lightly toasted but remains fluffy on the inside, however between them is where the magic really happens. With ingredients sourced from local farmers, you can feel better about yourself when you bite into the ridiculously juicy beef patty. It's accompanied by some fresh tomato and lettuce, crispy bacon, a yolky fried egg, beetroot relish and BBQ sauce. I will admit though ... vegetables are for suckers, so you know what I'll be getting next time around.

Southern Fried Chicken Wings
in Frank's Hot Sauce, Aioli & Celery

 Call me an ambulance please! Patty was weak and only helped out with the celery sticks, so by the end of these chicken wings I had died a little inside. I expected the fried chicken wings to be drenched in hot sauce but to our disappointment it was served dry =( maybe they forgot? I don't know. Nevertheless they were decent wings and honestly what doesn't taste good when served with aioli. Did the celery sticks taste good Patty?

A Breakfast of Champions
Awkies Reflective Shot

 A couple drinks for the road.

Chai Latte
Chocolate Milkshake

 Overall it was a very pleasing breakfast but you better get in quick because there is very limited seating! If there are no more seats however, they do have rugs and blankets for you to take your food to the park next door for an ultimate picnic experience. We'll definitely be back again to dig into that cheeseburger of yours, so hopefully there'll be an update on here soon enough!

 Here's the menu to help you decide what to eat when you visit:

Update!!!!! Round no.2

Tuckshop Avo on Toast
Smashed Avocado, House Labneh, Fresh Tomato
& Dukkah on Sonoma Soy & Linseed

  One of Patty's personal favourites, smashed avocado. This delicious green monster is packed full of flavour and you get a bit of everything with each bite. Green sludge at its best.

The Cheesy (DOUBLED)
Beef Patty, Pickles, Cheese, Onions, Mustard & Ketchup

 Unable to resist the temptation of another burger, this time I got what I came for. Double meat and cheese for an extra $3 is a must to complete the experience. A gorgeous, lightly toasted sweet bun houses some hunky beef patties and slightly melted cheddar cheese. The beef patties weren't the juiciest but the flavour was all there and I'll be missing it for sure.

Chicken Salad
Chicken, Quinoa, Lentil, Feta, Kale, Almonds & Avocado

 Yet again, kale makes another appearance at The Tuckshop, with the super food making for a super salad (not bad Bernard, keep it up). This hefty salad is packed full of goodies and they aren't stingy on any of the ingredients either!

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  1. All the food here looks so good, especially the burgers!

  2. Their cheeseburger is soooo boss! Love that they source their beans from Single Origin Roasters.