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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Manchester Press

 The Bunnybloggers ventured south during the holidays to the undisputed city of food that is Melbourne. Upon our early morning arrival, we explored the streets; bags and all until we reached the doorstep of Manchester Press (8 Rankins Lane, Melbourne). Located on a typical Melbourne laneway off Little Bourke Street, Manchester Press is renown for their all day bagel breakfasts and after our brief visit we immediately knew why. 

 Make sure you get in at an irregular eating time slot as queues do build up. The waiting list is written on the wall outside with chalk which I thought was pretty neat. Thankfully though, we beat the rush and grabbed a neat little table in the corner.


 We begin with our mandatory piccolo. Hello there.

Fruit & Nut Bagel
with Mixed Berry Mascarpone, Fresh Strawberries
& Crushed Pistachio

 Patty went for this mountain of a looking mascarpone beast. With enough cream to fill a garage and then some, this bagel was stupidly outstanding and I felt like a little kid on top of the strawberries when I stole it off Patty. The mixed berry mascarpone was light and creamy but the real winner was the simply divine bagel. It was full of flavour and had an uncanny soft doughy texture like no other.

Grilled Chorizo Open Bagel
with Tasty Cheese, Sliced Tomato
Roasted Capsicum & Tomato Relish

 Less dramatically, here is the grilled chorizo open bagel. I enjoyed the whole tomato and capsicum combination together with the soft bagel but there was nothing there that made me scream like a little girl, not like the fruit and nut bagel at least =(

 We came back here during the week to see if we could snatch a plain bagel on the go but apparently they don't sell them by itself. Overall a great place for a light meal and in my opinion there's no other food that screams brunch as much as a good old bagel; and boy does Manchester Press make a great bagel.

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  1. I didn't get the chance to visit this joint last time I was in Melbs. The Piccolo looks sexy.