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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mary's Newtown

 With the undisputed 'burger of all burgers' title wrapped safely around her fat belly, Mary's (6 Mary Street, Newtown) is the place to go for a romantic date with ... well yourself. I'm not going to go and say it's the BEST burger in Sydney, but boy does it satisfy a craving. No other burger does the job so efficiently, so effectively and so spiritually. It just gets down and dirty with your soul. So prepare yourself to slip, slop, slap and get wrecked by juicy, gooey goodness that is Mary's burgers.

Hauntingly Beautiful

Dare to Dream

 The building is not, how shall we say ... aesthetically pleasing but don't let the graffiti or blood stained walls deter you. Just look for the red light on top and enter like you would a brothel. Don't be disappointed when there are no girls inside though, just burgers and fried chicken here. Not that I mind. 


 The magic happens downstairs next to the bar area and they also offer table service upstairs. 

Young Henry Newtowner/Reschs

 There's a wide range of bubbly, wine, cocktails and beer to suit all patrons. Also all drinks and food items are written along the walls so don't wait for a menu, just saying haha. I've been here a few times now and fortunately enough I've tried everything on the menu except for their mash + gravy (not that there is much to get through!). I admire that Mary's keeps things simple by offering only 3 varieties of burgers and fried chicken, that's it. Beautiful. Let's begin.

Mary's Burger
Lettuce, Tomato, Beef, Cheese, Tomato Sauce

 Didn't really get a good photo with all the lettuce in the way but here is the Mary's burger. I agree, doesn't really look like anything aye? But under that glistening bun is quite possibly the closest thing to heaven and with that ... a doctor's appointment that will put you well on your way there too. The only difference between this and the Cheese Burger are the veggies, so I'll seductively describe the contents of the burger next.

Cheese Burger
Beef, Cheese, Tomato Sauce
It's talking to me

 If there were ever a time to get intimate with a burger, then this my friends would be the time. I would suggest 'doubling' your burgers for an extra $3 to increase burger satisfaction and waistline. Straight to the point; a soft, almost sweet bun, some do or die melted cheese and the juiciest beef patty ever to slap you in the face. A glorified Maccas cheeseburger, sure. It probably is, but dam it honestly hits the spot over and over again. There's not much more to it to be honest and that's probably one of the best things about it, it's simple and tasty. All burgers also come with a side of chips.

Fried Chicken

 Southern style fried chicken at its finest. Comes in three sizes; half, full & Larry (2) bird(s). A full bird consists of 8 mega pieces which have an amazing crispy coated outside and surprisingly juicy meat on the inside. The outer coating is full of seasoning and spices (I detect ... turmeric I think) and it's definitely worth trying out as it goes great with a burger!

Shroom Burger (Vegetarian)
Creamy Mushroom, Lettuce

 Patty went for the shroom burger second time round. If you're vegetarian, you really shouldn't be all up in Mary's hood, but if for some reason you are, then you really have no choice but to order this. Anyhow, at first the creamy mushroom flavour was so tasty and intense, but as we delved in further it got unbearably salty. Maybe it was just a one off but Patty and I were chugging water like a drain afterwards. Honestly, go for the cheeseburger (but it does get a little rich, the veggies in the Mary burger however helps that out a little bit).

 Summing things up. If grease and gore aren't your forte then you could always go for a typical burger with the lot; a nice toasted brioche bun, a thick juicy beef patty, crisp iceberg lettuce, sauteed onions, bleeding beetroot and aioli that could be drunk by itself. But there is just something about Mary (haha) that keeps me wanting more and more. It keeps that little kid inside all of us satisfied, it relieves that midnight craving we all get on a night out and there just aren't many burgers out there that can accomplish such feats. If I'm being honest here I've thought about the burger many times in my sleep. I'll visit you soon Mary, don't tell Patty though. It's our little secret.

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