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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD

 The fried chicken franchise that originates from Taiwan, Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (96 Liverpool Street, Sydney CBD) has landed in Sydney, albeit next to a really seedy thai massage place and around the corner from the icky, sticky Bar Century. A perfect location for fried chicken then, wouldn't you think? I have their marketing strategy all figured out (I'm not just a pretty face). What? Back to fried chicken. So Hot Star is renown for their face sized fried chicken schnitties (does have a bone though) although they do have other fried goodies on their menu  such as chicken bites, fried shrooms and sweet potato.

Check out that wrist protection
Don't like that powerpoint so close to the fryer

 Conveniently Hot Star is open from 11am till 12am from Sunday - Thursday and 11am - 2am for the partygoers on a Friday/Saturday night. After our visit to the Local Taphouse with the boys and a quick pit stop at Messina, we decided to finish the evening off with some light, hearty supper at Hot Star.

Original Fried Chicken ($7.90)

 When standing outside and waiting for your chicken to be cooked by men wearing man-ly wrist protectors, your nose seems to lose itself in the glorious smell of fried goodness. This heart shaped crusted chicken is ironically not the best thing for you but it does somehow however symbolise our love for one another (I'm talking to the chicken). The batter on the outside is quite thick and unfortunately ours was a little bit chewy rather than crispy and crunchy. The meat inside however, was deliciously moist and tender with every bite taken. I'd suggest taking a handful of serviettes!

Our love is like fried chicken;
moist, encrusted & delicious - Bernard (2014)

 There's not much more that needs to be said about Hot Star's chicken. It's probably one of the most ideal things to have on a boozy night out because it'll absorb alcohol like a sponge. In a way it'd be so efficient and absorbent that it'd make you sober, so take caution. 

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  1. hehe that fried chicken sounds perfect after a big night out on the town

  2. so happy that hot star has opened in Sydney :) love those giant golden crunchy pieces of fried chicken

  3. Hot Star must HEART you both so much because the original fried chicken looks heart shaped! :D

  4. "Our love is like fried chicken.." LOL freakin hilarious! I'm so keen to try this monster fried chicken!

  5. Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD !!! I'm craving for it! Hope it is also offered in Brisbane CBD so that i dont need to fly there.