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Monday, February 17, 2014

Oscillate Wildly, Newtown

 After some fruitful watermelon cake and flakey pastries from Black Star Pastry why not give Oscillate Wildly (275 Australia Street, Newtown) a visit which is located just next door. Oscillate Wildly appeals to the hopeless romantic which is inevitably inside everyone and honestly, it is enough to salivate not only your mouth, but you're heart at the same time. Thanks to Patty for my Birthday dinner! =)

(Chris hopefully this post will help you decide where to take Mum & Dad for their anniversary dinner; and to Josh & Sharon here's what to expect next week! ... it's a baby. Wait what? Don't worry Bernard)  

Jamon with Salted Rice Cracker

 We started off with some thin and airy rice crackers which were generously covered in some velvety cured ham. Yum.

Gin & Tonic
Compressed in Sugarcane

 First of all ... how cool is it! Anyhow this is the most ingenious idea ever. This marvellous creation/invention gives Mr. Edison a run for his money, I would love to light my house with these clever little things. If only. This mouth cleanser is a thick sheet of sugarcane drenched in gin and tonic and served surrounded by ice in a double walled glass. Your teeth become a sugarcane machine as you gradually chew out the liquid absorbed by the sugarcane and boy is it tasty. Delicious!

Butter & Pork Lardo with Chilli/Fennel
Bread Bread Bread
Sea Urchin, Apple, Ponzu
with Heirloom Carrots

 Our first course of the night is this light and refreshing sea urchin dish. The sea urchin is hiding somewhere down the bottom of the pot but above it are truck loads of shaved apple and carrots. Not a dish for haters of raw carrot but since we're bunnybloggers it was our bread and butter ... which we coincidently had  before this (Bernard stop it, seriously) hahaha.

Abalone, Cuttlefish, Coconut
with Palm Heart, Young Coconut & Ginger

 Not the greatest photo unfortunately (I meant the food) but it was pretty awkward fishing into my bowl just to get a snap at the cuttlefish. The broth tasted like green thai curry and the seafood was super fresh.

Polenta, Parmesan
with Chargrilled Corn

 A different take on some corn polenta. Some really creamy and smooth corn sauce with chargrilled corn kernels for texture accompanied with two thick slithers of parmesan. It was an interesting dish but in the end I think they pulled it off pretty well.

Pan Fried Murray Cod, Potato, Almond
with Almond Puree & Chive Olive Oil

 This cod was cooked to perfection and with a seared crust, it was a delight to eat. The almond puree unfortunately didn't have that much flavour but I guess it was to make sure that the cod was the star of the dish!

Boneless Chicken Wing, Carrot
with Cauliflower Puree & Chargrilled Onions

 Here we have the gently cooked boneless chicken wing accompanied with some carrots, cauliflower puree and chargrilled onions. The chicken was moist and tasty and along with the creamy cauliflower puree it was a solid dish.

David Blackmore Wagyu 9+ Beef, Beetroot Puree
with Compressed Cabbage & Mustard Leaves

 These photos really don't justify how good this hunk of beef truly was. Seared like an Aussie at the beach, it was masterfully cooked to perfection and honestly the beef just crumbled and melted in our mouths. Forget the weirdly sour compressed cabbage or the random mustard leaves, chuck us another slab of meat. The beetroot puree went really well with the wagyu as well and I enjoyed it so much that Patty generously gave me half of hers. I didn't thank her for the gesture, I instead thanked David Blackmore for producing such good wagyu.

Cheese on Toast
with Parmesan Ice Cream & Crumbled Brown Bread Praline

 This was the optional cheese course that was sold to us by the waitress and it's definitely a must try! The parmesan ice cream was something so different and when eaten together with the crumbly, toffeed bread it was exactly like cheese and crackers. Yeah, sure you could easily go home and have the same experience but this looks so much cooler.

Cherry Sorbet
with Sorrel Leaves & Parsley Meringue

 The pre-dessert of the night was a palate cleansing cherry sorbet with sorrel leaves and broken bits of parsley meringue. The parsley meringue didn't offer much flavour but the cherry sorbet hit the spot and was a friendly welcome after so many savoury dishes!

Peaches & Cream
 The peaches and cream was made up of some light peach meringue which looked like floating ice shelves in the antarctic and peach ice cream. I sort of forgot what else was on the plate but it was tasty, so I guess that's all that matters.

 There is only a small room full of seating (maybe 20 people) so if you're planning on taking that someone special or even if it's just a friend, make sure you book early! The wait staff were really friendly and the atmosphere was very pleasant. It's kind of awkward however with the whole toilet situation though ... there's only one toilet out the back to share between both males and females. A mini queue may end up forming if you take too long in there and since there's no where to hide inside the restaurant, you may get a few shifty looks later on. Overall though, Oscillate Wildly is value for money when it comes to degustations, at only $100 pp for 10+ quality courses there's no wonder that it's so popular.

 Josh & Sharon: Happy anniversary and hopefully you'll enjoy your dinner just as much as we did! Josh ... let's hope that the night ends better than when we last hung out.

We're lucky to have our girlfriends

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  1. Oscillate has to be one of the best restaurants in Sydney! Looks like they've changed the menu since I last went.
    Defs need to check it out again soon.