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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Berowra Waters Inn Restaurant, Berowra

 If you have wings and love swimming/flying then Berowra Waters Inn (Via East and West Pacific Wharves, Berowra Waters) would love to accommodate your visit (therefore you'll have to probably be a duck...ahahahahaha Bernard, nice one buddy, keep those ones coming). Only accessible via boat and seaplane, Berowra Waters Inn is a more than secluded restaurant hidden inside the bushes of the Hawkesbury and alongside Berowra Creek. 

 For Patty's 21st Birthday I thought I'd surprise her (she found out before I even booked the place) with a romantic lunch. To make sure she doesn't break up with me any time soon the seaplane was the only option capable of accomplishing such a feat.  

Mister Seaplane

 Upon arrival we were greeted by the head chef himself, Mr Brian Geraghty and was lead to our table via the miniature wharf. There's quite limited seating inside so it get's a little quiet but the view is spectacular. Definitely recommend going during lunch.

House made Tomato Butter
  Some smooth house made tomato butter to spread on our endless selection of bread, yummmm!

Nice Buns, I mean Bread
 Patty found some eye candy in the form of our awesome Italian waiter. He had a pearly smile, luscious, curly locks and eyes that you'd just lose yourself into ... okay fine, he was eye candy for me too. Pretty upset right now to be honest with you though ... just came across another blog post of Berowra Waters Inn (no names will be mentioned) and it appears that our little Italian man has been posing for photos with other bloggers too =( you cheated on us! But don't worry, Patty and I will never forget the precious time we spent together.  

Happy Goblin
Pale Ale
  This little treasure above is the Happy Goblin Pale Ale which is micro brewery located in Mount Kuringai. All bottles are hand made and unfiltered which gives this particular pale ale its darkish oak colour along with a more intense hoppy finish. The alcohol content and date of bottling is hand written on each label as well! Brian tells us that the beer is delivered by the owners themselves via their dingy, so fresh ...

Hamachi, Squid & Cucumber
with Frozen Avocado

  An extremely delicate course to begin. A thin sliced kingfish (hamachi), wrapped around diced squid in a refreshing cucumber consomme. The fine green powder on top is frozen avocado, but you can barely taste it. Nevertheless, a great way to begin lunch!

Ocean Trout, Smoked Milk & Dashi
with Fried Bean Curd
  Don't let the dashi foam hide the trout! It's okay mister trout. Half the foam actually came from Patty's mouth as I saw her eyeing the trout down and frothing at the same time. What am I even talking about. Anyhow a great dish that let the freshness and silky smooth texture of the trout shine throughout the dish. The smoked milk puree and dashi foam gave it that extra something along with the crunch from the bean curd sheet (I think it was at least).

 Oh yeah, Patty and I also shared matching wines to go with our lunch. 

Carrot & Liquorice
with Random Leaves
 Like a forest floor plonked onto your table, this dish cried out to every vegetarian out there trying to save the world one cow at a time. A neat assembly of heirloom carrots served in a variety of ways (some would say, a Bunny's paradise) wedged with forest leaves and liquorice soil. I'm not the biggest fan of liquorice but the taste was quite subtle which made it more enjoyable.

Chicken, Soubise & Macadamia 
with White Onion Foam & Puree
 The white onion foam makes the chicken look like it has a puffy hat on, but if we concentrate on the taste aspect of the dish then its a really winner. Rich white onion puree accompanied with its brother soubise goes well with the chicken and the crumbed macadamia was excellent.

Short Rib, Anchovy & Cracked Wheat
with Sherry Jelly

 Probably my favourite dish of the day, a beautifully braised beef short rib with a cracked wheat crust and anchovy. The sherry droplet on the side gave it that citrus kick but it looked a little odd on the plate. If only the rest of the cow joined us on the table =( I could go with some right now.

What's a blog post without a toilet shot

Tropicana No.2

  I was a little disappointed we didn't have any pre-dessert, so wine and beer had to cleanse the pallet for us this time. I have pretty much forgotten what was on here, but from left to right: A thin slither of mango wrapped in cream; some sort of jelly with a fruit inside; and mango sorbet ... yeah that wasn't really helpful at all was it? On the bottom is ... either some sort of frozen stuff or crumbed popcorn (don't know why I think it's that, my bad). Anyhow more importantly, the dessert wasn't the best because it lacked flavour but there were some interesting textures to play around with.

Petit Fours
They have Grounds Coffee!

 After our meal we departed back to Rose Bay via our seaplane which felt awfully bumpier on the way back. Maybe it was the half filled tummy or the pilot loved turbulence but Patty and I both had throbbing headaches. This was half cured by the amazing views from the plane though. Berowra Waters Inn was great little restaurant and it's definitely a must go destination for any sort of romantic celebration (so attention to all men out there; get your wallets out). The food and service was great but being in such a secluded peaceful area just makes it that much more worth it. 

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  1. never heard of tomato butter. looks rly yummy! wish it was closer but i guess getting there by seaplane is part of the experience

  2. The bread man gets around!