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Friday, April 5, 2013

Intro and Element 6, West Ryde

I'm not sure if it's the grey skies outside or whether it's because of the mid semester break from uni, but coupled together, they create a certain recipe for procrastination to say the least. Hence the beginnings of what is hopefully a prosperous and helpful food blog! Welcome to Bunnybloggers! You'll be hearing from us, aka. Patty and Berny aka. bunnyblogger 1 & 2 respectively. Anyhow this is bunnyblogger (2) writing and from our future posts you'll eventually learn more about us and the food we devour in our path. I would also like to give a shout out to my cousins and fellow food bloggers, "Panda and Cakes" and "Fried food fanatic". Food seems to be a big deal in our family...enough about us and more about food.

I have picked Element 6 (65 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde) purely because of the abundance of photos I seem to have of the food there. Located directly opposite the station, it is a newish cafe that has rapidly become a go to place for many locals and cafe lovers around Sydney. I have been there three times myself and at the conclusion of each visit I was left with a great impression each time. The decor inside is simple yet effective with a few nick nacks mounted on the wall and flowery centrepieces placed on each table.

Awesome Outdoor Toilet

Beyond the scenery however, was exceptional food!

These were great, good temperature and made well. Unfortunately we couldn't see what blend of coffee they use for their coffees.
2 piccolos (the bunny drink of choice)

  Can't really just stop at 1 drink...
Stateside Iced Coffee

 or 2
Honeybee Smoothie
(great combination of banana, cinnamon, yoghurt, honey and ice cream)

Let's just throw in dessert while we're at it 
Milo Explosion
(exactly what it sounds like)
Bunnyblogger Creation
(when you collide them together)

On a separate occasion my friend Bernardette had the 'Nat's Vanilla Root Beer Float'
 If you enjoy Dr. Pepper and beverages similar to that then this will be a winner for you...but this drink doesn't FLOAT my boat. hahaha
Wow...okay, so drinks aside, time for more photos of delicious looking treats.

Can't believe I forgot what this was but maybe Jade or Chantal knows (It was on the specials board)
As if that doesn't look awesome!
 Great flavours and texture

Slow Roasted Pulled Pork with Red Cabbage Slaw and Pickled Mustard
Casual brunch with cousin Chris aka. Fried Food Fanatic, the butternut pumpkin chutney added an extra special twist to the normally ordinary bacon and egg roll
Chubby Bacon and Egg Roll
 Unique take on chorizos with a smoked paprika aioli
Chorizo Roll
 A real highlight for the Bunnybloggers were these two amazing breakfasts. Generous servings of sourdough, beans, grilled tomatoes, 2 poached eggs (got to have them poached!), red onion jam, chilli corn cake (which was somewhat like a corn fritter) and BACON!

South-West Ryder Big Breakfast
 I am normally a meat eater but Bunnyblogger 1 ordered the vegetarian version (minus the bacon, substitute with the rosemary mushroom ragu) and wow...was that mushroom ragu amazing. I highly recommend the vegetarian version, you won't regret it!
Ryedale Vegetarian Big Breakfast
Many photos to go through but they were all excellent to gobble down. The cafe is quite small and lines tend to build during peak hours both weekdays and weekends so I recommend going in early! The menu is so diverse that there is food to suit all palettes and I can't wait to go again to try more.

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