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Monday, July 8, 2013

Pablo's Charcoal Chicken and Ribs, Surry Hills

 Cleanliness and exceptional service are not words often associated with a typical chicken shop, but don't let the neon signage fool you outside Pablo's Charcoal Chicken and Ribs (664 Crown St, Surry Hills). The three brothers of Adrian, Damien and Brendan Shipp team up together to eat, breathe and sleep ridiculously good service and with this in mind there is no doubt that they deserve a special mention. Located in the heart of Surry Hills on the intersection of Cleveland and Crown, Pablo's has been satisfying Pat's and I's chicken craving for the past year or so. Once inside, you're greeted with a warm welcome and instantly the super clean stainless steel bench top reflects your face (so make sure you're looking good).

Takeaway Menu


 In MAN-eating tradition, Pat and I have bypassed the salads on each visit, however I must admit they do look quite appealing. They have the usual suspects such as coleslaw but also offer some alternatives such as beetroot, spinach and feta salad.

The stainless steel blinds you (in a good way)

 Ahhh ... the chicken roll, it gets me every time. A slightly toasted white roll jam packed (not literally with jam haha ...) with fresh chicken pulled off the bone, finished off with lettuce and mayo and comes with an option of chilli sauce. To be honest, the chilli sauce should be mandatory on this roll because it doesn't taste half as good without it!
Chicken Roll
Fresh Cut 1/4 Chicken, Lettuce and Mayo

 My favourite burger from here is the Portuguese Burger. Honestly, the entire burger just tastes super fresh and it leaves you wanting more after each bite, chilli is just an extra bonus.

Double Portuguese Burger
Marinated Chicken Breast x 2, Chilli, Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo

  Pat's favourite burger is the traditional Pablo's Burger which is pretty much a chicken burger with the lot.

Double Pablo's Burger
Chicken Breast x 2, Tomato, Beetroot, Bacon,
Cheese, Lettuce and Mayo

  Pat munching away, nom nom nom.

 These sauces are seriously good with accompanying any of their burgers, roast chickens or chips. My favourite two are the;

  • Piri Piri Chilli - similar to chilli oil and has a mellow burn.
  • Lemon & Garlic - I honestly don't know whether I prefer this one compared to the garlic sauce at El Jannah because it's that good, but the lemon gives it that something little extra.

Dutch Mayonnaise, Homemade BBQ, Piri Piri Chilli

 Comes wrapped up in layers of wax paper, how it should be!

Additional Aioli/Lemon & Garlic Sauce

 A couple of refreshments from the fridge to wash some birds down our throats.

 It's quite amazing how such simple devices/instruments can capture one's minds, for example this ridiculously convenient pedal operated sink located at the back of the store. Efficient, clean, smart and the best invention since fried chicken.
Pedal Operated Sink

 The charcoal chicken is moist but I still think it lacks that charcoaled flavour we all know and love, nevertheless this is incredibly scrumptious with their homemade chilli sauce lathered onto it. Somehow on each occasion we order chips, our small serving is upsized into a potato mountain.

1/2 Chicken and Chips

 As mentioned earlier in the introduction, the customer service at Pablo's is ridiculously good and comes second to none. Cutting a long story short, Pat and I had come in one day raring to go for some ribs which were unfortunately sold out. Weeks later we returned and the Shipp brothers had remembered our misfortune and when we ordered a rack of ribs, they threw in an extra half rack for us so that Pat and I could eat our previous sorrows away.

 Unfortunately however, they won't be the cheapest rack of ribs you'll ever rip through but they certainly do an amazing job in fulfilling that rib craving. The meat comes off the bone clean and it is cooked perfectly on top of the same coals they use to roast the chicken.
Rack of Ribs with Chips

 There is no fresher charcoal chicken around and definitely not one with service that can top Pablo's (but do let me know if you find one). The food they serve is comforting and you won't ever leave feeling disappointed. While there is so much more I could ramble on about Pablo's, ultimately the final message is: 'This is no ordinary charcoal chicken'

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